About Us

Carmel artist Bruce Looram handcrafts unique, one-of-a-kind-, true-to-the-Era, Victorian bird homes, using redwood for lasting durability. The homes are trimmed with pine, and hand painted by his wife, Angie Looram. Our business is creating birdhouses in the Victorian motif. They are all "one of a kind", uniquely painted to bring smiles and enjoyment in a garden, patio, or home.

People entering our shop are "awed". They comment they have never seen bird houses like ours. The shop is a charming, happy, feel good place. We carry unique garden accessories, garden bells, wind chimes, weather vanes, garden stakes, bird feeders, bird baths, bird cages, and much more. Our customers will find unique and special gifts for their loved ones.

Bruce is a General Contractor. Since 1976 he has built many homes about the Peninsula and throughout California, and many of the area's most popular restaurants and bars (Baja Cantina among them). His celebrity clients include Clint Eastwood and the late Liberace.

Angie worked in the real estate field beginning with escrow. She was an Escrow Officer with local title companies for 18 years before moving on to real estate sales.

Bruce started building birdhouses as a hobby in the mid nineties, after seeing some birdhouses displayed in a Carmel shop that were selling upwards of $400. Both Bruce and Angie love Victorian era craftsmanship and the wonderful detail in their design, so naturally that would be their motif. Bruce felt the houses could be sold at craft fairs. They did four Carmel Home Crafters Fairs over a period of about 10 years and a couple of Pacific Grove's "Good Old Days". Both were busy with their "real jobs".

When the economy crashed Bruce was dazed by the suddenness of jobs falling through and nothing happening in construction. In order to keep busy with something to bring in some money Bruce started building his birdhouses at a furious pace. Angie started painting in an effort to keep up with his production.

They were fortunate that their friend of many years, John Saunders, had a vacancy in his Valley Hills Center and wanted the birdhouses to "spark up" the space. They moved in on a temporary basis in October 2009, thinking they would be there over the up coming holiday season to sell out their inventory. The reception to the birdhouses was so encouraging, they are still here.